Abby Enson (Gift certificates available)
uses Deep tissue and deep energy work to help her clients find more ease and freedom in their beings. Through Deep touch my aim is to release tension held in a client's body tissues and psyche allowing the body to find its way towards its natural state of health, of balance. My work has a sense of sculpting the body into a more balanced alignment. 
I work with all ages including teens and pregnant women.
call 206-459-7696 for appointments. 

Shawn Kellogg 
is a structural integration practitioner and movement coach. Structural integration is an interactive manual therapy that works with the connective tissue to bring the body towards a more functional and comfortable shape. He offers sessions that create ease in uprightness, free limitations in range of movement and relieve pain and tension.
Shawn helps his clients understand how their habits affect their body and how to build movement habits around their life patterns. He has experience working with children, teens and adults. He specializes in working with movers from all disciplines (dancers, martial artists, ​athletes,circus artists, yoga practitioners, etc.) bodyworkers and the physically curious.