Spoke People

Abby Enson (Gyrotonic . Massage, Hot Yoga)
I have spent my whole life enthralled by movement. How it feels to move and what makes freedom of movement possible within ones body. This has translated into my previous career as a dancer and into my present work helping others through Gyrotonic®, yoga, and massage find freedom of movement in their own bodies. My hope is that by developing an inner awareness of their bodies and their own unique movement pattern my clients will be able to experience ease and grace as they move and that this will feed into other aspects of their lives.
     I have danced in New York, Boston, Montreal and finally ended up here On Vashon as a founding member of UMO ensemble. after leaving UMO to dance more I worked with many Seattle Choreographers including; Kristen Tsiatsios, Rip Parker, Aimie Legendre, Co-motion Dance, and Aiko Kinoshita. I have also Created a few works of my own and Worked on several pieces with Lelavision.
       Gyrotonic™ came into my life when I was going to meet a friend and she invited me to a yoga class at White Cloud in NY, 1986ish. I spent most of my extra time at the studio after that and soon after moving to Seattle began to work for the amazing Magali Messac. I remember one private session with Julio going into the yoga studio and Him having me stretch until I yawned and yawn until I stretched for about 15 minutes and then him saying, "there that is what Gyrotonic is all about."
Massage came into my life in 1991 when I went to the Brian Utting School of Massage. I also have a 4 year training from the Barbara Brennan school. These are the main foundation of my body work with 
influences from other forms of work. As for hot yoga I bring 15 years of steady training in this practice to my work. It keeps me connected to myself and in touch with myself. It is my daily, or almost, cleans body and mind.
contact :: abzinia@gmail.com or 206.459.7696

Margaret Hoeffel (Gyrotonic)
began her study of the Gyrotonic exercise system in 2005, while looking for a way to recover from the effects on her body of carrying twins to term at the age of 41 and then farming for 5 years without having fully regained her core strength.  She immediately understood that this system would integrate her body, connecting her hands and feet to her core, and allow her to age with the strength and grace to remain as physically active as possible.  She thrills in helping her clients reach beyond their imagined limitations to achieve greater ease and strength in their bodies, no matter what their age or level of movement experience. 
Margaret studied dance in college and then in NYC beginning in 1973.  She studied at the studios of Martha Graham, Erik Hawkins and finally Merce Cunningham where she met Valda Setterfield.  She danced with Valda as a member of the David Gordon Pick-Up Company from 1978-84.  Margaret has been a certified Gyrotonic trainer since 2007, having studied with both Magali Messac and Karen Mullen in Seattle. She is also certified on the Jumping-Stretching Board.  Following in one of her daughter’s footsteps, she took up rowing 3 years ago and now rows competitively with the Vashon Island Rowing Club.
contact : 206.601.1948